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My name is Jon Michael Christensen and I do front end web development, graphic design, and my some of my own stuff. Here you can learn more about me, view some of my selected work, and read some of my thoughts on various subjects of design, entertainment, and technology. Have fun!

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I specialize in web design and front end development, but my passions include branding and digital art. I love design and I love technology. Most of all, I love bringing the two together to make great digital work.

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Read my thoughts about the web, design, technology, and entertainment. Really, about how all these things intersect together in our lives. I also may post something just generally nerdy every now and then.

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Emmanuel Covenant Church

Emmanuel Covenant Church is a growing but strong community of people who care deeply about their faith and their church. They have always been driven to be a big community that offers the closeness of a small church. Recently, they had…

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SANUS is an established brand in the TV mount space. In fact, they’re the juggernaut of TV mounting. No one currently sells as many as they do. They’re goal is to educate the consumer on why they should mount and…

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CurbSide Landscape

CurbSide Landscape, a local company in the Twin Cities, was looking to get an updated web presence. Their old site was outdated in many respects and was no longer an accurate reflection of their company. They wanted to be able to…

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TCF Inventory Finance

Over the years TCF in Minnesota has provided banking services for both business and consumers alike. Since 2008, TCFIF has taken the position of offering capital to business in a time where it was hard to get consistency from a bank….

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Spear’s Landscape

For more than 10 years, Jeff Spears and his group have been supplying people all over the Twin Cities metro area with amazing landscaping designs, incredible craftsmanship, and an attention to detail that only comes from an honest and local group.

They’ve been…

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Clearfield Inc. is a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They specialize in fiber optic communications equipment and networking materials. Their main pride is their custom product, the Clearview Cassette.

Their main goal was to bring their site into the 21st century, with a…

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Digital Data Voice

Digital Data Voice works with companies to create customized, scalable, and efficient call center and support solutions for their clients. Their expertise in the field and in many industries has made them a leader in North America. They’ve worked with multiple…

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Copeland Buhl

For more than 40 years, Copeland Buhl has been helping the people of the Twin Cities with their accounting. Today, they have grown from their original founders to a company with 12 partners and 50 employees.

For their site, they wanted to…

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Redstone American Grill

Redstone American Grill was founded by Dean Vlahos in 1999 in Minnesota with a simple goal, great grilled food. Since opening their initial restaurant in Minnetonka, the business has grown considerably. The restaurant now has several locations in various states. But, as with…

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