Just the Facts


Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, 2010, Iowa State University


Technical Expertise


I make clean, lean, and efficient code for sites using the latest and greatest in HTML and CSS specifications.

jQuery & Javascript

jQuery and Javascript are my go-to tools for helping make interactive experiences. I use them to add that extra touch (sometimes literally) to my interfaces.

Content Management Systems

I have experience in some of the most popular content management systems, including: Drupal, WordPress, and the Magento e-commerce platform.

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The Whole Story About Me

I grew up in Minnesota all of my life, doing all sorts of things in my free time to be creative. I have a very big imagination that started with playing with LEGO blocks and sketching diagrams of ships, speeders, and buildings with all their details considered. I used to examine product packaging for fun.

Eventually my creativity moved to more advanced modes of expression. I started using Photoshop to make desktop wallpapers very early on in high school and experimented with the vast abilities of the program. High school got me started on HTML and CSS, languages I use almost every day (and I do much better with them than the Spanish I took). I also learned the ins and outs of computers themselves. Ask anyone who knows me and they would say I’d much rather build my own machine from scratch than buy something.

At Iowa State University I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. There I honed my design skills in typography, photography, illustration, and more with a solid design foundation based eduation. I learned even more advanced programs that took my imagination to whole new levels, which included the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D.

I currently live in the Twin Cities in the great North Star state of Minnesota. If you couldn’t tell, technology and design are two of my passions. I dream of working with clients to make their business goals reality while providing their users with great digital experiences.