Becket Law
Religious Liberty for All

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Becket Fund is a non-profit organization that works for religious liberties and freedoms for all peoples of any religion. They work frequently on court cases where expression of religious freedom is on the line. Through the years they’ve become not only a fixture in the space, but also frequently referenced as a resource and contact. Because of this enormous responsibility and the amazing amount of content that the Becket Fund manages, they wanted to not only get it organized but also make it easy to edit and access.

Organizing a resource for all

When the Becket Fund came to us, most of their content was already organized in a logical manner. However curating it all into one spot with consistent data was a project all in itself. We worked with them to think of a logical structure for this content and what metadata was needed. The eventual goal? A powerful search and filtering system built into their site from the start that would allow them and users to find things fast, whether it was a case, a document, or a piece of media.

Responsive design screenshots for multiple devices for Becket Law.

Tools to find what you need

This project leveraged SearchWP so that we could not only index their multiple post types, but the numerous documents they uploaded as well. All in an automated fashion, which was a big plus for their content editors. With this, we had a powerful search that could be fast and efficient. With the integration of FacetWP, we were also able to provide the powerful filtering mechanisms they desired on the front end. You could now find content fast by taking multiple attributes into account like court, case type, media type, keyword, and more.

Screenshot of the Becket Law cases search UI.
Using a faceted search, cases on Becket Law are much easier to find for users.

Media, managed

Having all of this content and uploads can be a real strain on a CMS, even one as experienced as WordPress. Performance also was a concern with all of the assets. We decided that leveraging Amazon’s S3 service was a great way to provide Becket Fund with a powerful and dependable backbone to serve these assets. Not wanting to take away the ease of use with WordPress, we integrated S3 into it. Uploads to the media library automatically move up to S3 without any extra effort.

The little things

Along with the usual refresh in design that usually accompanies these kind of projects, Becket Fund was interested in a few features to improve the user experience as well. Besides our search and filtering functions, effort was made to make sure the site was keyboard accessible. There are also great features for users like case tracking via email updates, case citation in multiple formats with the click of a button, and pages for high profile cases that help users quickly get information they need.